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Gel Plate Printing for beginners


Hi crafty friends!

I recently purchased a 6 x 6 Gel Printing Plate by Gelli Arts and needed to try it out. I have never used a gel plate before so I myself am a beginner as I experiment and play with creating backgrounds with my gel plate. You can see the process here.

The plate comes in a clamshell package and once opened it is covered by a sheet of acetate on either side. It is a good idea to keep these, including the packaging to keep your plate protected as you store it.2018-07-06 13.20.22

To begin using it I removed only one acetate sheet and left the other. I felt this would help me lift the plate and keep it stiff as I transferred it to my art journal (from my stash). I feel it also helped with applying even pressure.

Then I got my paints. For your color, you can use any acrylic paints you have on hand. I pulled out a bunch from my stash, but I only used:

  • Light foliage green: Ceramcoat #02537
  • Yellow Lemon: FolkArt #226
  • Aquamarine: Apple Barrel #20774
  • Pretty in  pink: Apple Barrel #21339

2018-07-06 16.44.20

I also used an old plastic palette to put my paint onto. If you don’t have a paint palette, you can also use any piece of plastic, acetate, or even an acrylic block.

I put small globs of paint onto my palette. Then picking up paint by using a brayer (by Speedball) I rolled some paint onto my gel plate. Again if you do not have a brayer you can use a paint brush, sponge, an old gift card or just about anything you can think of! The beauty of the gel plate comes from the texture you add to the plate.


This texture can be added using almost anything, the sky is the limit. I used a stencil and stamp (honeycomb stencil by Tim Holtz and a polka dot foam stamp from a pack of Faber Castell gelatos) but some other ideas would be scrunched up foil or plastic wrap, a comb, sponge, the back of a paintbrush, toilet paper rolls, you get the idea!

Once you have your gel plate covered in paint and you have added any texture of your choice, you can lift it and flip it paint side down onto your paper or pad. You can also leave it down and place your paper onto the gel plate instead. For both methods, you want to add even firm pressure all over the plate, and give enough time for the paint to transfer from gel plate to paper.

If you have any paint left on the plate after transferring your color, you can grab another piece of paper or page and by pressing the paper to the plate again you will be able to lift some or the rest of the paint that is left on it.

That is basically it! There are so many different kinds of backgrounds that you can create and each will always be unique. You can use your gel paint backgrounds for art journaling, card making, scrapbooking or any paper craft you enjoy creating. I hope you will consider giving this a try and have enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time, XoXo!


Art Journaling, DIY, Handmade cards, Tutorial, Video

Fresh Friday – Art Journaling/Surrealism

Hello crafty friends!

Today’s post is a personal an emotional one for me, but I will keep the topic within, on this piece and the techniques I used.

I will quickly state that while I create projects and posts for my love and passion for creating, art is part of a life’s journey and within it we can express our happiness, anger, fears, joys, and sorrows. It can be an outlet when you feel there isn’t any other source of relief. This post is exactly that.


Since January of this year I went through two miscarriages. A topic not often spoken of, and I had no idea how to handle the loss and trauma, particularly when all info is medically stated and does not answer any whys or give preventative information. So in a cloud of emotion and sorrow, I turned to art.

The result was this art journal page depicting three buildings. The 1st building represent past, the center is present, the right is future. There is hope. The cupped hands in the background release two butterflies on their eternal journey during a sunrise representing a new day. This is my story.


As far as techniques; the full video process for this page is available on YouTube.

To prepare my page for multimedia use, I coated it with gesso. This gesso was homemade using the recipe and directions found on a tutorial by Yvonne Gebauer on her YouTube channel mytherapyroom (<– if link does not show you can find the video by copying and pasting this:

While my gesso dries, I work on the cupped hands. Using my hands as a visual guide, I lightly sketch the outline of the hands and then use  watercolor crayons to paint them in. Then they are cut out and put aside.

Once my gesso is dry, I work on the sunrise background. The first layer of acrylic paint is very sheer NOT pretty. But this creates a base to work and build on once dry. As you will see in the video I started with a paintbrush but then use an old grill sponge to give a textured look to the paint. With a bit of watered down gesso I spritzed over the background for a starry effect.

Off camera I sketched three building structures to use as the front focal point. Then using the same watercolor crayons used to paint the hands I also paint the buildings. I tried to keep in mind where the light source was in the background to better know where to place shadows (I am not 100% happy with my shadows to be honest but I can live with them.)

The final step is deciding on the arrangement and adhering it all together.


Creating this piece helped give me some solace and peace to cope with my emotional turmoil for what I had gone through. I hope that if you are ever feeling lost, hurt or perfectly happy that you know you are also able to turn to art and creating as an outlet.



  • Journal – Canson XL Series mix media 9 x 12″ (98lb)
  • Watercolor paper – Canson Foundation Series Watercolor 9 x 12″ (90lb)
  • Bristol paper – Strathmore Bristol vellum surface 9 x 12″ (100lb)


  • Watercolor crayons – Lyra AquaColor
  • 18KT. Gold Leafing Pen – Krylon
  • Acrylic paint – Glaze by GOLDEN in Rust, Yellow ochre, bright purple, Violet Earth, and Ivory black


  • B pencil
  • Micron marker in #02 and 08
  • Fan brush Utrecht
  • Watercolor brushes – Artist’s Loft #6 and 10
  • Charcoal pencil – U.S.A. General’s 557-2B Medium and Prang 600H
  • EK Success precision scissors
  • Westcott non stick KleeEarth scissors
  • Marvy white gel pen
  • Gel medium – GOLDEN Regular Gel (Matte)
  • Diecut butterflies – my stash
  • Homemade Gesso

Thank you for coming on this journey with me and taking time to read my story. I am so very grateful for YOU!

Until next time XoXo